Politics be damned, MORE LOVE PLEASE!

No. We're not going to talk about the American elections. Cause, I. Just. Can’t. In fact, I am almost exclusively communicating my feelings about that topic on social media and via text message, not with words... but through the interpretive modern art form that is GIFs.

Regardless of who you supported and what the outcome means to any one of you, one thing that is real for each of us, is it’s been a brutal 6 months.  Anger, fear, resentment, distrust, uncertainty and outrage has visited each of us. Whether that be due to Brexit in the UK, to the elections in the US, to vast swathes of the middle east that are rife with unrest and brutality. The battle lines drawn and the battles fought have been bloody, abusive, soul eating and downright nasty.  I don’t know what the future holds, how this whole thing is going to shake itself out, but I do know ONE THING for sure… WE NEED MORE LOVE.  More compassion, understanding, empathy, trust and security. More open hearts, more broken hearts, more healed hearts and a whole lotta heart to move forward.

This morning when I woke up, my husband swiftly delivered the news of the election results. We were both greatly disappointed and sad. As my husband dressed to leave for work, he came over for his customary hug and kiss, and lingered a bit longer than usual. A few minutes later, now completely donned in his motorcycle gear to leave for work, he came back.  “I need another hug and kiss today.”  I know this man well. And if his need for emotional support is a barometer for how bad things are, then this subtle request signified a solid 9 (uh oh, hell in a handbag) on the sliding scale.  We have spoken twice today on the phone already. Calls filled with I love you’s, it’s going to be alright and WE are going to be alright.

Now, check it. I am not someone who believes everyone in the world is in need of partnership. I offer no pitying looks to singles with ‘awwwww, you just haven’t met the right person’ on my lips, because I know, that’s bullshit. And, I never appreciated it when I was single for many years, either. We women are lionesses, capable of nurturing as well as hunting for everything we need in this life.

HOWEVER, I am so grateful to have someone standing with me, shoulder to shoulder, fighting the good fight. That when it looks like the world is failing to provide me with trust, security, love, compassion and kindness that I know, with my whole heart, someone who can and does provide this necessary sustenance.   That, no matter what, he has my back… and I, his.  I am in no doubt that I could wonder woman this life alone; I already have the historical and personal evidence to prove it. Yet, I am still hugely thankful, that today I don’t have to.  There is an undeniable strength in numbers, a strength I took comfort in this morning with that second round of hugs and kisses between my partner and me.

So today, I will not go quietly (or tearfully) into that night. I will call on my secret super powers of love, vulnerability and the kindness of friends and strangers alike to combat what feels like, to me, an unsafe and scary world.  I have already doled out a handful of good mornings and hello’s to strangers passing on the street. I will call friends and loved ones and inquire how they are doing today, talk about all the good that is happening in our lives, and offer my shoulder to mop up tears where needed. I will recite my guided meditations and breathe extra deeply till I am light headed, if that’s what it takes!   

I will carry on in my quest to ask for more love, give more love and help others who are seeking to find love or fighting to keep love. Cause’ WE NEED MORE AND DESERVE MORE LOVE, to move forward from here! Unconditional, light up the world kinda’ love… to and from those on all sides!   

definitely a 'need lots of cute cat videos' day...

definitely a 'need lots of cute cat videos' day...



Sending you ALL the love,

-Jessica Elizabeth


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