Interested in working with me?

FAB! We definitely need to chat! But before we go any further…


There are a few things you should know.


1. I am not some virtual cookie cutter online relationship program, I am a real, LIVE, personalised coach for you.

It's a jungle out there in the coaching world too!  So many online programs, virtual self help modules and my goodness, Ebooks galore. I am different. Old skool', even?  I partner directly with you, one to one.  We will be working together intimately and confidentially, either in person or via video call, to ensure you get the fastest and most bespoke results, that are best for you. So if you are ready to engage with some genuinely life changing, heart mending, work to transform how you seek, attract, give and receive love... I’m your girl!


2. Oh heck yes, I said it. Relationships take work. 

Some sessions are going to be filled with epiphanies and joy… and some are going to be a bitch. Creating change in this area is hard work, a labor of love (pun intended!) and my darling,  IT IS WORTH EVERY MOMENT, PENNY AND TEAR, that much I can promise you!  We are doing this to catapult you to a new and wondrous place, to find the love of your life and to create harmonious forever love within your relationship. And I am along for the ride with you every step of the way.  

My quintessentially American, direct, no nonsense, result driven coaching style is perfectly coupled with my wholly empathetic listening skills to offer a unique combination. We are going to need lots o’ brash and lot’s o’ love to get where we are going.  I have plenty of both, no worries.

I AM 1000% all in, and I am going to need you to be as well!

By partnering together, we are going to revolutionize your love life.


3. Compromise isn’t settling when it’s a win win for all parties involved.

I, in no way, am going to lead you, or your partner, down the path to perfection. I talk about finding 'the perfect partner for you' and being 'the perfect partner for those you love', which is entirely different than BEING perfect or DEMANDING perfection. NO ONE can be perfect. Whew!  Now that pressures off!

While we will be learning the true art of compromise, one thing I will never do is ask you to compromise your values or your authenticity.  DO AND BE YOU, BOO!


4. This is not a finger pointing party.

The coaching I offer will require you to take a long hard look at you; and the part you play in both the success and failure of relationships.  My job is to empower you to be the best possible version of yourself, drawing love to you and emanating it back into the world, three fold. We will be creating and experiencing sustainable, life changing transformations on how you give and receive love.


LOVE Starts with a spark and we start with some IGNITION.

Turn the key, push the button and apply for your FREE Breakthrough To Love Call today.


What I Offer:

Ladies, its a jungle out there!

If you're not 100% certain who it is you're looking for and why;

the results are filled with randoms, endless dud dates, a ONE WOMAN WORTHY shit show of relationships and that's all IF you can even get past the unsolicited dick pics these days! YIKES!


Imagine if I told you...

>> You CAN finally start kicking ass in your love life as well.

>> That being a fierce feminista AND wanting someone to share your life with is NOT a contradiction.

>> And, that YOU'RE way too fab to keep yourself waiting a minute longer.


This is a unique and innovative approach to how couples love, respect and fulfill each others hopes and dreams.
What are you fighting for and who are you fighting against to get it? 

If the answer to the first part, is not a similar united quest for both people in the relationship AND if the 'who' you feel like you are fighting against most is your partner... we need to chat with a quickness!

>> Relationship Coaching explores who we are as individuals and how that effects, both positively and negatively, how we travel on this journey called life together.

>> One of the most distinct offerings of 'coaching' versus more traditional counseling or therapy is the forward motion of the work. This is less about where you have been and more about where you want to go in your relationship.  Vision + action + motivation = success... together.

>>YOU are in the driver's seat!