D A T I N G    C O A C H I N G

Ladies, its a jungle out there!

If you're not 100% certain who it is you're looking for and why;

the results are filled with randoms, endless dud dates, a ONE WOMAN WORTHY shit show of relationships and that's all IF you can even get past the unsolicited d!ck pics these days! YIKES!


This is about REAL love, in the REAL world, with REAL 3d people, for REAL rock star women, like you!

Let me ask you something...

Do you find yourself sitting at yet another wedding wondering when 'it' will ever happen for you?

Do you find yourself looking at your amazing career, social life, well pinned travel map and cannot for the life of you figure out why the hell your romantic life is such a mess?

Are you spending all your time, energy and money living like a feminista rock star while secretly harboring the SIMPLE desire to ALSO have someone to spoon on the sofa with on a Friday night?

Are you putting on a triumphant front of an empowered single life in front of your family and friends, afraid to admit to anyone, even yourself, that you are lonely?


Imagine if I told you...


You CAN finally start kicking ass in your love life as well.


That being a fierce feminista AND wanting someone to share your life with is NOT a contradiction.


And that YOU'RE way too fab to keep yourself waiting a minute longer


I have been you.

Career... check!

Fab circle of friends...check!

A life filled with travel, hobbies, extracurricular amazingness...CH'check!

A slamming love life to go with it... DOH!


I am passionate about short circuiting the painful process I went through for other like minded strong women.




I know that you can be a fierce woman shattering glass ceilings wherever you go and that you also deserve true, genuine love and partnership.  Let's define WHAT that exactly that means to YOU,  together. 

I know that no matter how confident you are, no matter how strong the world thinks you are that sometimes there is a chorus of internal voices sniping at your every move. Let's banish those gremlins, together! 

I know you are unafraid to take a hard long look at yourself (uh oh, the common denominator in every relationship) and I know that going down that path of self discovery solo, sucks!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let's do this thing and get results lightning fast, together!


I also know you have been consciously or unconsciously spending time, money and energy all around this area...


If I get a personal trainer and get super fit, then IT will happen. 
If I just keep myself busy traveling, socializing, fleshing out my many interests, then IT will happen!
If I had THAT dress or those leather pants BAM, then IT would happen. 
Or the old battle cry "I am just going to focus on my career' and then, IT will happen.


So many women respond to FRUSTRATION WITH DATING BY SAYING...

"I am just going to wait"

Do we say that about our careers?  HELL NO!


"All the good ones are taken"

Do we say that about choosing our holiday plans?  HELL NO!


"What's wrong with me?"

Do we say that when we see a home we choose not to rent or buy?? HELL NO!




Until you are willing and ready to spend your time, money and energy directly at the root of the problem... dearest one, it's all elusive unicorns and deafening crickets.


Been there, done that.  Let's do something different!


I know I can help you.

But, hey... don't take some text on a website as gospel,  TRY ME OUT FOR FREE!


I am so passionate about my unique approach to INSPIRING AND IGNITING your love life, I want to get YOU started for FREE!


Heck YES!, Book me in for a FREE Breakthrough to Love call!

From all the wrong ones to a GREAT one in 120 days! Thank you Jessica Elizabeth!
— Sola, Portsmouth UK
She gets it. She gets me. Even admitting that I wanted to find a partner seemed like negating my own fierceness. Jessica let me know that the two were not mutually exclusive and I deserved to have it all! Hard work, hard truths, more than a few laughs and totally revelations that changed my romantic life completely. HIRE HER. NOW.
— Kathleen, Melbourne AUS