So, how is 'happily ever after' working out for you?


Starting to question whether your partnership is built to last?

Thinking to yourself, "if we have that same old conversation ONE MORE TIME...I might just snap?!?"

Right. Let's sort that and finally blast those relationship conundrums to bits!  

Relationship Coaching offers an unique and innovative solution to how couples love, respect and fulfill each others hopes and dreams.

Learn how to communicate with your partner in terms they will understand AND respond to, achieving real change you can see, hear and feel. 

In our sessions, you will also explore who each of you are as individuals and how that effects, both positively and negatively, how you support and partner with one another to achieve the life and love, you have always wanted.

One of the most distinct offerings of 'coaching' versus more traditional counseling or therapy is the forward motion of the work. This is less about where you have been and more about where you want to go in your relationship. 

My signature programs offer the opportunity to set a clear, unified, vision of what you, as a couple, want and need... AND the precise, motivated, plus attainable steps to take, week in and week out, to achieve that shared vision.  YOU are in the driver's seat!


Feeling as if you are standing on the precipice of separation, and getting help sounds like admitting ultimate defeat?

Every couple in the world has issues. You are not alone! 

However, our society envelopes 'asking for help' in this arena with a lot of shame.  The moment we mention to our friends and family, that we are considering professional relationship help, there is an audible gasp, and the assumption that there are irreconcilable problems. When in reality, there is no formal structure for learning relationship skills in our society!  Unlike all other areas, where we are encouraged to seek professional help and education to.... build businesses, get better careers, be a better driver, yogi, heck even baby classes! 


Where were we supposed to learn how to love and be loved?  How to resolve conflict when emotions are involved?  To communicate when resentment has come to town? 

Deep breath.  WE ALL MISSED THAT COURSE, because it doesn't exist!


Most people who file for divorce or separate will say it was less about love loss and more about not being able to live with one another, (Oh 'irreconcilable differences' you insidious beasts!).  How you care for one another, speak to one another, show respect and ultimately live in congruence with one another... even in the smallest everyday ways, is what can either strengthen a union OR divide it. 

The sooner you reach out for help, seek to understand each other and how to accommodate your partner, whilst still getting your own needs met, the sooner you can be hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, claiming triumph, together.


You've tried the weekend romantic getaways or hey maybe even attended a relationship seminar or two, and whilst it offered you both a deeper sense of connection and epiphanies galore, within a week or two of being back to normal life you are in the same rut. Want to get out of that rut forever?

Our work together is about sustainable, long term, cognitive change. Not mere plasters on cracks.

What I am offering is a one to one, LIVE, personalized, bespoke solution. My programs are designed to facilitate a genuine transformation in how you respond to your partner and what you get back in return, long term! Let's get out of that rut, together!



So you are not exactly looking for the best place to bury the body...yet!  Things are 'okay', 'alright', 'just fine' however you know, deep down, it could be SO much better.

Why settle for anything less than the best your relationship can possibly be?  You probably wouldn't do that in other areas of your life, like work or family or heck even your holidays(!) so WHY LIMIT EACH OTHER in love?  Let's get your relationship in tip top shape,  together!


You're SO ready to revolutionize your relationship!  However, you can't see a way to getting your partner to agree to coming along?

Partner not ready? Darling, DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU! 

In the game of tennis there are two players volleying the ball back and forth, neither changing position. The volley remains the same, back and forth, to and fro, however if just ONE of those players changes their footing, even a few inches let alone from back hand to forehand, the ball will wing itself in a totally new direction, AND the other player must run across to meet it. 

I have helped my clients create real tangible change in their relationships without their 'other half' ever stepping into a session!


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“Working with Jessica allowed me to recognise and own my failings inside my marriage. Jessica helped me to view myself with compassion and’s okay to not be perfect. I have been able to stop blaming my Husband for my own insecurities, and instead empower myself to make healthy decisions and take responsibility for my own actions. My whole outlook, and our whole relationship dynamic, has changed and I feel much happier and secure... thank you Jessica!”
— Lorna, London UK
“I wasn’t sure coaching could help us repair the damage done and I couldn’t see a way forward. Jessica Elizabeth helped us change that preconceived notion. WE have each other BACK! Back from the brink, back in love, back to back, us against the world, united again! Thank you!”
— Joselyn & Daniel, Florida USA
We had a wedding date set and in no way looking to change that, however we just knew, we could be better together. And if we did just a bit of work now versus 10 or 20 years down the road... how much ahead of the game we could be. So glad we worked with Jessica Elizabeth! She unlocked some issues we were having and armed us with simple easy to use tools that propelled us to a next level, I did not even know we needed. Wow! Kinda’ thinking of hiring her annually for a marriage MOT!
— Suzanne & Hilda, Devon UK